Why Band of Brothers?

This quote from William Shakespeare’s “Henry V” and the title of the HBO mini-series conveys the bond between soldiers and other men. I have chosen this phrase to describe our goal as Christian men to become a Band of Brothers!  Our mission, to build a group of strong men committed to Christ, their families and their fellow man.  

In this world of instant gratification and independence, men have forgotten the need for social fellowship. While church attendances continue to diminish we find ourselves separated from the one thing each of us needs… the camaraderie of Christian men in our lives.

Our Men’s Group is not a Sunday school class consisting of a teacher and students, but rather an open forum to discuss present day issues.  Each week we will tackle a problem plaguing Christian men and explore the answers from a biblical perspective. Our hope is that men will come together to share their thoughts, trials and tribulations, and wisdom.  We have a saying… ”What is said in Men’s Group  - stays in Men’s Group!”  This principle of trust is the bond that binds us together giving each of us the confidence to step out and depend on one another.  As Christ surrounded himself with Christian men, we too must surround ourselves with the fellowship of Christian brothers.  Only together, can we build a strong foundation for our church, families and society.

Our prayer is that all of us will have the confidence to be bold in Christ. Not out of pride but the trust we have in Jesus Christ.  That each of us would put on the full armor of God and stand
together in battle as a Band of Brothers!

Please Join us Wednesday evenings at Girard Alliance Church!